Thursday, June 12, 2008

Osteria Burligo

Among the restaurant we choose from the SlowFood guide, rarely it happens to visit one a second time.
On one side we like infact to try new restaurants, in order to taste different cookings, on the other side often it happens to choose restaurants situated very far from home, or because we are so attracted by the description to decide to drive alos several kilometers, or because it happens more often to go to the restaurant when we are on holiday.

An exception is Osteria Burligo. It is enough close to home, but that's not for sure the main reason we visited it for the third time.
Burligo, a village of Palazzago, is enough close to Bergamo, but somehow far from the main roads: impossible to go there by chance. If one arrives till here, it's because he really wants to come.
The environment is very simple. There is an entrance hall where there is the bar, and the main dining room, where there are about ten tables. More than that, in the good season one can also take a seat outside on the terrace. It's in front of the road, but it is pleasant because the road is never busy, and there is a nice view on the front mountain side.
This time we sit in the dining room.
Norma usually is in the kitchen, while the guests are welcome by Felice, excellent host, apart from being a great wine expert.

Aglianico del Vulture
by Paternoster
The cooking is extremely simple, and the elegance of the flavors is given mostly by the quality of the ingredients and the masterly matches. Speaking about simplicity, in a previous visit of ours i was impressed by a salad of caulifleurs and broccoletti, steamed and arranged on the plate like a crown, on which there was a sauce of olive oil and anchoves. Minimalist, but terrific.
This time we had only one hors-d'oeuvre made of a steamed bell-pepper divided in four and pealed, with a sauce of capers and tuna, very tasty.
As first plates we had tagliolini d'ortica (with nettle in the dough), with pancetta (pork underbelly) and sheep ricotta, excellent, very delicate, and lasagnette with salami paste (unfortunately they were out of lasagnette, so they substituted them with more tagliolini d'ortica), a more definite flavor given by the ragu of salami meat.
Then we shared a second plate: boiled tongue with sweet-and-sour vegetables, very good that too.
The wine selection is well furnished. We chose an Aglianico del Vulture "Synthesi" by Paternoster, which well matched to the courses.
One dessert (strawberries and gelato) and one coffee completed our dinner.
58 euros.

Osteria Burligo
Via Burligo 12,
Burligo, Palazzago (BG)

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rowena said...

Like you said it's the minimalist cooking that puts this place on the top of Slow Food, Michelin Guide and everybody else's guidebooks. I vote we go at least once a month, second to Il Covo and Bar Sala...haha!