Monday, August 23, 2010

Two hikes in Val Taleggio

While preparing a post about an excursion we made last week during our holidays, i take advantage of the relaxed mood of the return to the office to document two hikes still sitting in the bottom of the last drawer.

Cornello dei Tasso
March 28th: Cornello-Oneta

Walking towards Oneta
Following the main road SS470 of Brembana Valley, after San Giovanni Bianco you have to take the last exit before the tunnel, towards Camerata-Cornello. From here continue along the old road until you find a left turn that starts to climb the mountain. Some haipin bends and you reach a sports center, where you can leave the car.
From here walk down to the hairpin, which branches off a paved road. At the end of this road the trail starts. Soon you reach the medieval village of Cornello del Tasso (one of the Borghi piu' belli d'Italia).
From here you enter the woods, and soon you find a little church dedicated to St. Anna.
You reach then Oneta, another beautiful medieval village known for being the birthplace of the character Harlequin. After a short exploration of the village, we returned on our steps.
The path is well-shaded and flat. There is no difficulty at all but it's very nice.
  • Time: 1:08
  • Distance: 4.82km [3mi]
  • Difference of level: 144m [472ft] (210m [689ft] uphill, 66m [217ft] downhill)
  • Altitude: 449m [1473ft] to 563m [1847ft]

  • Return (on the same path):
  • Time: 1:16
  • GPS track of the excursion.
    A: Parking lot; B: Start point of the path on the hairpin; C: Cornello dei Tasso; D: Oratorio di S. Anna; E: Oneta

    Exploring Il Fraggio
    May 16th: Pizzino
    We had already been here one time before, passing by around here and following the signs indicating the sale of artisan goat cheese.
    Coming from Bergamo on the road of Brembana Valley, at San Giovanni Bianco, take a left towards Taleggio valley. At Sottochiesa there is a road on the right that already indicates the goat cheese. Pizzino is after few hairpin bends.
    We leave the car in a small parking lot just before the church.
    Following the indication, we find our way for the farm "Il Pavone", where they make that magnificent cheese. Over there the trail starts, through woods and pastures that leads to the village Fraggio (a couple of houses and a church dated XV century). From here, we turned around the village and climbed gradually until we reached the paved road that descends back to town Pizzino.
    Then we go back to the farm to buy some cheese, and then, back to the parking lot. This tour is not particularly difficult and rather short.
    Ring path:
  • Time: 1:45
  • Distance: 5.22km [3.24mi]
  • Difference of level: 166m [545ft] (295m [968ft] uphill and downhill)
  • Altitude: 887m [2910ft] to 1053m [3455ft]
  • GPS track of the excursion.
    A: Parking lot; B: Il Pavone farm; C: village Fraggio

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