Friday, July 23, 2010

GMO in Friuli

GM-free zone
Follows the call by Greenpeace I received through their mailing list:

Hello Dario,

during these days we are risking the first extensive contamination from GMOs in Italy, because of an alleged seeding - which would be completely illegal - of GM corn in a field in Friuli, in the Municipality of Fanna (Pn). On 10 July the "suspicious" field has been seized, but the Public Prosecutor's office of Pordenone, instead of urgent action, took a month to verify the analysis and drafting the report.

Waiting till August is absurd! Molecular analysis to ascertain the presence of GMOs on the samples - which already were salmpled much time ago - do not require more than three days! Now that corn is at an advanced stage of maturation: a few more days and these plants will produce their pollen, which will disperse in the environment and give off a contamination difficult to stop.

We can not stand still and watch! For this we invite you to write, along with Greenpeace and the entire Task Force for an Italy GM-free, the to President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. In its role as guarantor of laws and their application, we ask our President to take urgent action on the Public Prosecutor's office of Pordenone to avert any possibility of contamination by GM crops.

If, like us, you want to prevent GMOs contaminate the environment and agriculture, you too sends the letter to the President Giorgio Napolitano.


I have signed.

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