Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't shut your mouth


tychecat said...

Hi Dario,
Thanks for the comment on my site.
What's your take on the Italian Government's action regarding the Italian/European economic problems?

dario said...

Uhm... Italy now is at the end. I believe that if Berlusconi doesn't loose his power, Italy will fall in bankrupt, economically and socially.
I believe that the only way to raise is to have a honest and strong Left party/coalition that substitute the absolute dictature of that silly clown. But, unfortunately, nowadays we don't have one. We just have an alternative that proposes only to put their asses on comfortable chairs, but nothing serious about solving problems (better that than the nothing offered by the jackass, you would say, and i agree... but apparently Italian idiots - the majority of the electors - just are made blind by the legs of the pretty showgirls shown on the Asshole's TV networks).

About italian economical politics, i believe it is totally absent. They just collect money to fill up their personal wallets.

About Europe, well... i believe that internally it is a mistake the Angela Merkel's line (which is followed by other premiers in Europe) and to "enclose" German economy. The only unifying glue of European nations, at now, is economy, and there's no sense to share the advantages of it in "fat cows" periods, while avoid to share when the cows are skinny. The increase of german economy in the last couple of decades is given also by the fact that Germany is part of EU, including Greece that is almost falling in bankrupt.

The real problem of Europe, i believe, is that the economical unification didn't follow to a political one. And that's why economical unification is still an artificious strate. Angela Merkel had to enclose German economy because she has to think to the good of German people at first. But, if i am and feel European at first, is there a true difference between saving Mario, Hans or Konstantinos from poverty?

I believe that, also admitting that differences of wealth are functional for build more wealth, a minimum level must be made accessible to everybody in the world. That's why i don't like extreme capitalism and liberism. And that's the problem of Europe, America and in genera all the rich part of the world.
Americans, Europeans and other rich citizens in the world will eventually understand this when it will be too late, that is when there will be few rich people that have all the absolute power of driving the world and everybody else living of their crumbs.