Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday the United Nation General Assembly approved (104 to 54 votes, with 29 abstentions) the moratorium for abolishment of death penalty.
In this Victory of Civilization, Italian foreign politics took the lion's share, most passionate voice, in this campaign, among the European choir.
Impossible not to note that some of the opponents to the moratorium (Iran, North Korea, Sudan) are also the so-defined-by-the-United-States Rogue States, finding in this position a point of agreement with the United States theirselves.
Little the article that The New York Times gives to this fact, without mention the important Italian role.
As a "sad" Italian i am just amazed of how can some people be any "happy" during capital executions.


rowena said...

In America, the supposed "justice" of the death penalty lies in the fact that there are those who still believe in "an eye for an eye" retribution. You know and I know that an eye for an eye will never bring the dead victim of a crime back to life, but for many it is still a fitting form of punishment to justify a heinous act of violence.

The problem with execution, of course, is when an innocent person is unfairly or unknowingly put to death. Sad, but so true.

dario said...

Yep, that's one of the problems.
Strange that those supporters of "an eye for an eye" philosphy wouldn't apply the same philosophy also to those cases: society injustely killed an innocent? Society should have the same injustice back!
Too easy to apply rules only when they are favourable.

tychecat said...

Hi Dario,
If you ever studied the US criminal justice system you would probably notice a lot of weird aspects, the primary one being the severe and very long punishments for relatively minor and "victimless" crimes. The death penalty has never had but one sensible justification IMHO. That is, the guy will certainly never do it again.
Currently the death penalty is on hold and may well be outlawed by the Supreme Court, using the argument that no imposition of that penalty can be other than "cruel and unusual"
As I understand it the US currently has the highest percent of its population in jail of any country in the world- not something to be proud of.
BTW, I've changed my subject at my blog, check out the new one - it's different.
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unsubscribed Dario said...