Friday, January 25, 2008


There you go, as predictable, Prodi's Governament was brought down, because for the failed majority at yesterday's vote of confidence.
Honors anyway to "grandpa" Prodi for not succumbing to the blackmail by Mastella.

As announced, Mastella voted against the Confidence to Prodi, and i already widely commented this in yesterday's post. But why should the other two Udeur Senators (Nuccio Cusumano and Tommaso Barbato) have done the same way?

If the magistrates investigate Mastella (and his wife), and he resign from the office, ok.
If Mastella votes against the confidence to Prodi, because the government didn't unconditionately defend him in his personal war against Magistracy (and how could the Government do it? Making pressure under the table to the magistrates? In which Democratic Country - excepting the case of Berlusconi, the only one in the world sincerely convinced to be above the Law - the Government interferes with the Juridical power to protect somebody?), okay. That Mastella is dishonest we already knew, it's only surprising his astonishment that the rest of the Government is not the same dishonest.

Barbato is held by his colleagues
during his shameful invective against Cusumano
But that the other Udeur Senators have to vote in the same way, well, frankly this is incomprehensible, other than admitting that the move was orchestrated on the purpose to make the Government be brought down. One cannot understand, infact, the logical relation between the presumed hatred of the magistrates against Mastella family and the no-confidence vote of the other two Udeur Senators.

The "Piece of Shit", "Wretched Fag" Cusumano
has a sudden illness after the verbal
and phisical attack of Barbato
And infact Nuccio Cusumano, surprisingly (what a surprise! He's coherent and he keeps the promise he made to the electors to trust the Government!) voted for the confidence, with this declaration: "I choose for the probity, I choose for the Nation, I choose for the confidence to Prodi and his Government" (my translation). But it happens that, at the declaration of vote of Cusumano it followed the violent reaction of Barbato, that insulted him, defining him a "Pezzo di merda" (Piece of Shit) (bonjour finesse) and "Checca squallida" (Wretched Fag) (definitely homophobic), and also standing up and spitting in his face (a move that recalls, maybe, unconsciously, the Mafia rituals).
What a beast!

Those facts have been followed by a measure by the regional Udeur committees of Sicily (region where Cusumano comes from) and Campania (region of Mastella), that left me amazed to the point that i had to read several times the article, to be sure i was not confusing.
I would have expected that in the document, sent to the central Udeur committee in Rome from the regional committees, they asked Barbato's resignment, or, atleast, in some way they dissociate themselves from his violent, vulgar, offensive towards Cusumano (and also disparaging towards homosexual communities and individuals), and anyway not consonant to the dignity of the office of Senator of Republic behavior.
On the opposite, in the document they ask for Cusumano's resignment, because "he does not represent us anymore".
"Cusumano was elected to the Senate because Clemente Mastella, first elected in Campania, opted for Calabria and Cusumano was number two in the Udeur lists in Campania" (Mauro Fabris, Udeur deputy). In this sentence there is the reference to a trick used by Udeur to assign the seats to some candidates even if they don't have the majority of votes.
So much for the electors that ingenuously believed that Cusumano was elected thanks to their vote!

Incredible ;-)
Who could believe that i had the stomach enough strong to do it? In two posts i inserted four photos, all dedicated to relevant exponents of Udeur party. Need to shut one's nose, for the stink, uh?

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tychecat said...

There is an interesting contrast between "extra-legal" behavior and how it is treated when a government official is involved here in the US and in your Italia.
Our government is also divided between Executive, Legislative, and Judicial and we do try to keep them separate with each having its own rights and responsibilities. That being the case, impeachment of a government official, no matter which branch, can extend no further than denying him the office.
I am personally acquainted with someone who was actually impeached by the U.S. Congress - just like they did with a couple of presidents.
He was a federal judge and he was accused of taking bribes (knowing him, I think he probably did)
He was removed from his judicial office but was almost immediately elected to congress from a most peculiarly shaped district. He has remained in congress ever since. He is presently a fairly powerful congressman.