Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good morning!

A new working day is gonna start. Still not completely awake, i go to open the door to the terrace/garden and i let the dogs out for any kind of answer to the call of Nature, and i put the coffeepot on. I go back to the bathroom and i finally get awake with some cold water on my face. When i go back in the kitchen the coffee is ready.

Today's breakfast
Some of my blogger friends know that i am under a diet, but the breakfast, it's known, is the most important meal of the day, so, there i am to set a healty plate to start the day in the best way.

Here it is my breakfast for today: one peach, a kiwi, some corn flakes, some yogurt, a cup of coffee (i like it black with no sugar) and a couple of toasted bread. Sometimes i add also a glass of fruit juice, a few of milk, a slice of cake or a couple of cookies.
Obviously the type of fruit depends upon the availability of the fridge and the season: cantaloup, plums, apricots are common variations. It will be more difficult to find some alternative during the winter.

Considering that since few times ago i couldn't swallow anything else than the cup of coffee, this is a big qualitative leap, isn't it?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?


tychecat said...

For years I ate no breakfast - just a half grapefruit and a couple of cups of coffee, but with my current meds, I am required to eat a little more, so I've added a slice of bread.
For lunch, a bowel of popcorn.
For dinner: A regular full meal.
A typical one might be:
large tossed salad - olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
Chicken Cordon Verde (sautéed chicken breast, ham and emmentaler slice with sautéed spinach and pine nuts) This is one of my wife's creations and is pretty low-cal) with risotto and sautéed zucchini
Coffee - no desert
I've maintained my weight for over 20 years on this kind of diet - My MD says I am the youngest 78-year-old he knows

dario said...

Dick, your diet must be good since you are the youngest 78yo your doc knows... but my perplexities are on popcorn for lunch. I never thought popcorn as a healty food :-)))

tychecat said...

So, I like popcorn - White popcorn fresh-popped in a popper (Not microwaved!) with a little peanut oil and no butter or other topping, just a little salt. Movie type popcorn is unhealthy and revolting. All that phony butter and palm oil is not healthy.
I think popcorn is an acquired taste, though visiting small children tend to out-eat me if I share the bowel with them.

Rowena said...

Popcorn, oh dear. I admit to loving Cracker Jacks, and of course the new stuff out now that is coated in chocolate. Tychecat is write about microwave popcorn! Better to get the good stuff (always read the label) and pop it yourself in a popper or on the stove.

But wait a minute, this post is about breakfast...this morning I had leftover zucchine risotto. With soy sauce!

Rowena said...

ugh..I usually shrug when I make typos but the word "write" in my previous comment is killing me!

I meant right!

manju said...

I prefer savory things for breakfast -- eggs, rice, meat of fish. This morning I have a cold so I'm having Philippine style arroz caldo... best comfort food when you're sick. Usually though we have hot oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit mixed in for breakfast -- hubby has cholesterol issues.

Can I just say, too, that I'm so heartened to hear that you drink your coffee black, with no sugar. When we visited Italy, every time we started to drink our coffee without milk or sugar the waiters would come back and insist we should put some sugar in our coffee! Several thought we didn't add sugar because of the American obsession with dieting -- they didn't believe we just liked the taste of coffee plain. ; )

dario said...

;-) Manju!
All those goods for breakfast? I mean, eggs and bacon ok, but rice, fish, chicken soup..? For breakfast? :-)
The fact is that in Italy people has the bad habit to drink only a coffee, and that's their breakfast. At most they eat a brioche and drink cappuccino. Bigger breakfasts are kind of strange over here! Obviously then we are starving for lunch!

I drink my coffee without sugar because the flavor and the scent of coffee that i love is more pure. By the way i also prefer coffee prepared at home with the moka type of pot. At home we have a one-cup, a two-cups, two three-cups mokas, plus one two-cups electric portable. Moka doesn't make any brownish foam as it happens for espresso, but the taste is even stronger.