Monday, March 9, 2009

The first day of school

Our dachshund Mr. Bentley is a bit of a surly type. He tends to consider as hated enemies, any being (human or not) that doesn't belong to the pack and gets too close. For this we decided to enroll him into an obedience training school, so that he learns to socialize a little better with strangers.
Yesterday it was the first day of school, and as all the first days of school, excitement was big.
The day was very long and hard. I don't know if it will work, but at least the fact to share his space with other strange humans and dogs could already be a good therapy.

While us "boys" were busy with our lessons, R. and Maddie lost the entire day only to wait for us in a little corner of the camp, convinced that sooner or later they would have take to part (what an ugly way to celebrate the International Women's day!!!).

Mr. Bentley, exhousted, after the lesson


Rowena said...

Hmmm..the Re-education of Mister the Monster. If lessons fail then maybe he just needs to get himself "fixed"...

tychecat said...

Hey! Don't be too quick to get him "fixed" Maybe then he'd bite you also - I know I would ;-)