Friday, June 5, 2009

Elections day

Let's go to vote in a large number and let's try to throw this idiot down from the throne.


tychecat said...

Are the recently published photos of the rather immoral goings-on at Berlusconi's summer villa likely to influence the upcoming election?

Have you seen them?

dario said...

I have seen those photos that have been published on El Pais, a Spanish newspaper. I have seen them online because in Italy they couldn't be legally published for some kind of law that protects privacy. And, unfortunately, not a big lot of Italian electors use to surf the net very often. And, unfortunately no italian newspaper is so corageous to publish something that doesn't match the favour of Berlusconi. Except LaRepubblica online that published atleast a link to ElPais.

Anyway, what i really think is that those gossiping stories about pretty dancers and clowns are not really edifying for Berlusconi, but it would had really been better if the electoral campaing was made on more serious facts, like for example the case Mills.

David Mills is a lawyer that had been processed and judged guilty for being corrupted by Berlusconi about some illegal facts on Fininvest (Berlusconi's property). Nevertheless, out of any kind of justice, Berlusconi hadn't been processed for corrupting David Mills. That, thanks to the law called LodoAlfano, that Berlusconi (or better, one of his gangsters, Angelino Alfano), made in order to protect himself (the prime minister) and the other three main offices of Italy (President of Senate, President of the Chamber of Deputees and President of the Republic) for being processed during their offices.
But no, not only the fascist majority we have in Italy (Berlusconi's gang), but also the minority and the informations media tried to hide these facts upon pretty showgirls and clowns.


dario said...

By the way, for the European elections (we are waiting now for the definitive results, but we have a pretty good projection, now), Berlusconi's gang is loosing a lot, although they're still the first party.
That's a good news

Jonzie said...

Did they? they didn't get what they expected but lost instead a couple of points compared to the last italian elections. Compared to the last eu elections they actually got more (35 vs 32).
The PD, on the other side lost a good 7%, 4 if wi consider the 3% from the radical party).
I'd like to be more optimistic but doesn't seem a bright outcome to me.

dario said...

Jonzie, it looks to me that i have been much more pessimistic before, that's why this result looks bright enough to me, now. Actually TheGang was expecting more that 42 percent. Compared to that, 35.3 percent makes me breath better than yesterday.