Friday, December 18, 2009

Double language

This blog was born in double language. But after years i came to the conclusion that there is not a real interest in it. So, from now on, in the English version i will put only the title and a short description for each post. If anybody is interested i will link the Italian version. Please anybody feel free to ask me, any translation.


tychecat said...

Your use of English was - and is - admirable and I will miss your comments here which I read faithfully. I think you should keep the english version - even if just to keep practicing your english .
I'm interested in the attack or Berlesconi

dario said...

Ok, you'll have the translation... ;-)

tychecat said...

I just google-translated your comment on Berlesconi and got an amazingly coherent and sensible translation - these translators have come a long way - or at least this one has. I tried another program and got gibberish