Monday, May 19, 2008

A rainy weekend

For this past weekend, encouraged by the wonderful sunny days of the week, we decided to go hiking nearby in Valsassina, not too heavy nor long, considering that the puppy Mr. Bentley has a still limited fuel range, and we were expecting we would have to carry him on the backpack.
Anyway, at the end we didn't go, because it was raining cats and dogs all the time, making a little clear only sunday evening, and giving us a wonderful view that looked stolen from a documentary about tropical forests. Allright... the excursion will be postposed to the next weekend.
This is what one could see from our terrace yesterday evening.

Landscape from our terrace
What kind of view can be seen from your house?


rowena said...

It still looks that way today, but at least it's not raining. We should get a plastic children's swimming pool so that on the next downpour, the dog's can jump in later and have a PPP...a Pooch Pool Party!

dario said...

Ha, yes, that's a good idea. But we must find a model that Mr. Boo cannot burst with his teeth!

manju said...

Wow, this is the view from your house! Lovely!!
Hi, Dario, I'm glad Rowena pointed us to your blog. We don't have a garden here, but look forward to having one in our next home. Meantime, we live on drooling over other people's gardens and dreaming of our own. This will be fun to see the garden and pooches from 2 perspectives... BTW, I tend to have a black thumb, so thank goodness my husband does better than I.

dario said...

Manju: i find gardening something positive because it helps to have a direct contact with Nature, to create something concrete with my hands, to stay outdoor... in one word, the opposite of what i do for my job (computer engineer)