Monday, May 12, 2008

A new boy on the terrace

Mr. Bentley
He was born February 11th, but he has this new family (or, to say it in his shoes, this new pack), only last saturday. He is a wirehaired dachshund and his name is Mr. Bentley.
He's still lost, poor thing, and night time he makes so much noise we are not able to close our eyes (hopefully the neighbors will bare him for a while). Incredible that a thing so little can produce that much noise!
Maddie, the other doggie of the pack, for now ignores him. Or, atleast she pretends to ignore him, because any time we try to pet Mr. Bentley, all of the sudden Maddie comes and steals all the cuddles.
We attached a little bell on his collar because he doesn't do other than follow any of our steps, and he risks to be smashed under our feet.
And what about you, do you have pets?


rowena said...

Mister Bentley is outnumbered if he is at home all day with one female human and one female dog. You know how females will gang up against the single male.

You better teach him how to do a karate chop. I think he would look nice in some clothes, don't you think?

tychecat said...

No pets- We try to attract wild things.
Have you tried a ticking clock with the new puppy? that and a heating pad turned on low works pretty well to keep them quiet at night.

Bella Baita View said...

Ah Ha, here he is Mr Bentley. Nice to make his acquaintance.