Friday, April 11, 2008

A guest on the terrace

This salamander was lying thoughtful on the terrace of the house yesterday morning, scanning the horizon.
This is one of the positive sides of living in half mountain, right next to the stream, happy when it's raining... one can see animals that cannot be seen in the town. Too bad that i had to move the salamander and put it safe from the fangs of our doggie Maddie: i didn't want it ending up like the lizards which Maddie happens to be wanting to play with.
Other regular guests are Freddy and Freeda, the finches, that have the habitude to challange the quadruped to eat the grains of cereals we put on the terrace for them.
Far from the houses instead one can find hedgehogs and squirrels, with often end up to be squashed under the cars.
I am still waiting, this year, the bees to come to pollinate the peaches, the cherry and the plum trees.... it's still too cold for them, i guess.

Wow... a nice bucolic digression, heartening in this tense electoral period.


tychecat said...

Wildlife are our only pets and we manage to live near the wild ones most of the time.
Our place here in Florida is suburban, but that doesn't keep the varmints away. We have a resident Armadillo, A possum, and a very large corn snake (he keeps the squirrel population in check - barely.
As we are on a flyway - we gets lots of different birds - keeps me filling the feeder every couple of days.
Our place in Maine is really out in the woods, so the wildlife is larger and more varied - as large as Coyotes, a bear, several moose and a lot of deer - in addition to the usual smaller types. (Raccoons, a Fisher, Beaver, etc)

rowena said...

Does he/she have a name? As in Sal or Sally?