Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The sponge

Walter Veltroni, leader of PD
Really a sad day the one that see us giving the Nation to the Fascist Right, but my comment today is another.

Veltroni. Veltroni lost, miserabily lost, giving that now, with the electoral logics (that he wanted) one only vote less means being in minority. And he obtained (i could say stole) ten percent less of the forecasted votes.
And this, in my opinion, if he wants to be honest, has to respond at first to his electors. He has to respond if his media machine was not good enough to beat the psycho-dwarf and his camerades, and it is really incredible, given that also the loyal electors of the Right were beginning to say that they don't like Berlusconi! "Yeah, right", one could return, "Berluscoin controls a good half of the Italian media, i could believe that he won the media game!". Sure one should also investigate on the absurd reasons for which who owns half of the Italian media is allowed to run for elections... but this is all another subject.

Not only. Veltroni should answer, in my opinion, above all, to who followed the philosophy of "the useful vote". Which is who, among the electors of the Left, decided to plug his nose (and also his ears and any other orifice) and vote for PD which, frankly with the Left has really nothing to share, to vote for the Padroni, just after having finished to march against them. Those people, in order to fight against Fascism didn't give their lives, as our ancestor did, but their conscience. They betrayed their values to fight Il Merda ("The Shit"). They gave a part of thirselves, and Veltroni was able to defend not even them.

Veltroni failed, and how one could expect in a modern and civil Country, in a logic towards which Veltroni tended during the electoral campaign, should resign. I believe he should do it, publicly admitting his own defeat, as a sign of excuse to who, with his/her heart, or plugging his/her orifices, voted for him.

Veltroni failed.
But in one thing he perfectly succeeded. In passing the sponge.
Now Italian Parliament must do without the Left, magically disappeared in the hat of the illusionist, by hand of Veltroni.
Sixty years of tradition. Sixty yeard of defence of the weakest. Sixty years of rights for who built with his sweat, with the blood of the worker deaths.
Very good, Mr. Veltroni, now we can say that the Country obtained that democracy and governability that really we were missing.


A Speaking Human said...

Is fascism only a Right Wing thing sir? If you think so, I beg to differ. Hitler, indeed, was a man of the LEFT and so was Mussolini. This is a FACT. An alternative (correct) view of history shows LEFT being by far more likely to be fascist. In fact I would say "Climate Crisis" rhetoric is the leading edge of neo fascism.

dario said...

Dear Speaking Human, reading your comment i come to the conclusion that you don't know anything at all about actual Italian Politics.
I believe instead that it is very clear that I am speaking, in my post, exactly about it, so, although i don't share any single word of your comment, i am not going to answer back, being that your comment is completely out of theme.

Thanks anyway for the contribution.