Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama
I wanted not to blog about the election of the president of the United States, but... i am not exempt from the enthusiasm that is overwhelming everybody.
My American friends for sure would be surprised noticing how much interest we have, on this side of the ocean, about the election of the American Presitent.
I believe that the citizens of the United States are more involved by a possible change about the big subjects of the internal politics, education, health care, public safety, on which i don't dwell upon, admitting my ignorance about them.

For us, instead, these elections deal about the role of the United States as the dominators of the world.

Nevertheless i believe that the President of the United Stats is not the one that really has the power. World economy is an interest much bigger than American democracy, and it's exactly this interest that determines the world order.
This raises to me doubts about Obama, as a possible renewer of the world politics. If there will eventually be a significant social change worldwide, it will be due by the achievement of an interest of the big multinational companies. And about this i fear that the will of the President doesn't have a big influence.
Even less the one of the electors.

Anyway, i like Obama. More than McCain. Infinitely more than Bush. I like Obama because he's black, and i hope that this feature of his will give a shake to all the consciousness of the world, especially over here in Italy, agains any type of racism. I like Obama because he has the image of a pacifit and environmentalist, although i believe that about these themes the image doesn't match with the real programs. I like Obama because of his human face, that doesn't work to hide his tears behind a plastic smile. In conclusion, i like Obama not because for a trust in a real change, but because he reflects a hope in a change that comes from the deep of the consciousness of the common man. A change towards a more imparcial, more peaceful, more environmentalist, more human society.

A change, in a society like ours, can happen only if it comes from the "high" of who handles the levers of the world capitalism. But a line on the sand that shows the direction of a change towards a more moral world order could be drawn only by the consciousness of the common man. And the image of Obama is a reflection of it.

Today i love the American People for having the courage to choose for that change.


Rowena said...

With his election all I can say is that anything is possible. Reach for the moon (oops...oh yeah, we did that already!) ;-)

tychecat said...

Obama has a great many things going for him. He is actually much more experienced in the "Real World" than either of the Bush's or McCain.
He is very intelligent (sort of arrogant actually, but conceals it well) Very well traveled - for all of his life!
Very patient, thoughtful, and charismatic.
He has inherited an awful mess - both in the US and in the World, which the world will expect him to be a major factor in curing. I expect him to both surprise - and disappoint us - by what he is able to accomplish and because he won't do it overnight with a wave of his hand.
His election, along with the economic collapse will end the triumph of laissez faire capitalism for many years

Marcia said...

I am so very happy that Barack Obama has been elected president. I was in deep despair over the direction this country has taken over the past eight years. While I am enthusiastic about the upcoming administration, I realize that Mr. Obama is only one man and has limited ability to cause change (even with a democratic majority in Congress). I believe he is a thinking person, and that makes me very hopeful, as we haven't had a really intelligent person as president for eight years. I also think he is a moral person, in that he has compassion for his fellow man and will abolish things like torture and get us out of this back-breaking war in Iraq. That alone will help our economy, I think.

It makes me glad that the people of other countries are pleased about his election. I think the folks who voted against him and fear now that the "American dream" has ended will eventually be very surprised and pleased at the changes that will occur.

The dark side of America right now is the fundamentalist/evangelical religions and the churches that have been preaching steadily for months from the Book of Revelation. I have actually heard people say that they believe the "end of days" is upon us and that Obama is the anti-christ. It is sad that people can so forsake their intelligence in the face of such fear-mongering. I hope this, too, will change in the coming months and years of Mr. Obama's administration.

dario said...

Thanks for your comment, Marcia.

;-) i think that instead of a man, the one that was occupying the white house for these past eight years was much better defined by the word "monkey" (eheh!). Now, yes, you guys... we... have an Intelliget man.

But i think the real dark side of American (and the rest of the "rich" world) is that, although Obama (as the president of the USA ad also as the leader of the entire world) or his administration could really think different, the power is actually detained not by him, but by the lobbies and the economical/financial power of the big multinational companies.

tychecat said...

Any political leader of any nation has to deal with the power structure. Right now the US financial cabal is in disarray which gives Obama, much of whose working life has been battling them, a chance to make some changes.

dario said...

A change to make a change usually brings the risks of the change not working. Or not being appreciated by the real owners of American and world economy. Which would make me like Obama even more, but also make himself and his politics useless.

Anonymous said...

How much research do you have to back your claims about Obama? Remember you can get wrong impressions about anyone, even presidents. In fact the odds of being correct about a snap judgement about a person are actually pretty bad.