Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes, we are different!

The Idiot
The first Afro-American President of the United States has been elected.
Yesterday Berlusconi, unfortunately the Italian Prime Minister, during an official journey at Moscow was asked in a press conference what he thinks about Obama. The idiot answer was "He is young, handsome and suntanned".

This statement is racist, but not only. This statement is absolutely disrespectful of the role of the United States and their President. Moreover, the tone of gratuitous derision is drastically amplified by the official character of the situation, that would have demanded a totally different code of conduct.

The deplorable behavior of Berlusconi, as one can imagine, immediately turned around the world, and the Italian People, that some way he arrogates the right to represent, has to suffer the shame.
Not at all intentioned to apologize for the unpopular quip, he laid it on thicker defining his own words "a compliment".
Today an American journalist in a press conference asked him if it wouldn't be the case to apologize with Obama, and the arrogant and angry answer by Berlusconi was "Please... please! You should apologize with Italy instead!", offending once again.

Well, i don't believe that this man could ever arrogate himself the right to represent me and many other Italians in front of the rest of the world. It can also be elected democratically, but his own behavior discharges him, atleast morally.

And for this reason i subscribe with pleasure the initiative thought by the blog friend Silvano and born in this discussion at Il Russo's blog, which goal is to diffuse to some international media a message of dissociation from the "compliments" of Berlusconi.

A blog had been created in order to organize the practical details of the initiative, and to collect subscription at this address:

Yes, Berlusconi is an Idiot.
I am different.


tychecat said...

I am baffeled by Berlusconi's comments. Was he drunk? I can't imagine any other national leader - even French - making such a remark.
He will, I think, find that his comments are strictly ignored and when he makes his inevitable hat-in-hand begging trip to Washington, he will be received with strict and gracious courtesy - but not the back-slapping informality of GW Bush.
He also better keep his mouth closed, or Obama will steal his back teeth.

Rowena said...

That photo is a classic. I'll never forget it!

For the most part I don't think americans would pay too much mind to what Berlusconi has to say. And if there are americans who keep up-to-date with international politics, they will know what a loose canon SB already is.

It's the people in power that he should be more concerned with. But then SB has already made himself known as the Psycho Dwarf so....maybe it's a moot point?

If Obama has absorbed even the least bit of island culture, remarks on race will make not make any difference to him. We are a melting-pot community, accustomed to be of "mixed" races. Some may call him african-american but in Hawaii he is also hapa-haole (half caucasian). The real proof of Obama's down-to-earth stature though is when he referred to himself as a mutt on his first press conference after election day. That's what a lot of island folks say!

Best in show, with a pedigree all his own

dario said...

Yes, Rowena. I don't believe Mr. Obama or anybody else in the USA would ever give a shit for the words of the Idiot Psycho Dwarf.

Nevertheless he's speaking in the name of Italy, and that is a shame for all the Italians.