Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba, Pata pata
Somebody very... mmmh... "important", over here in Italy, as for example Berlusconi, could describe her, as an obituary, for example as a woman that distinguishes for her wonderful suntan, as it's obvious it is, after all, since she came from a "happy country" where they use to spend their time as lazies, collecting coconuts and singing and dancing on the beach around the fire. Infact it looks like it's scientifically prooved that men and women of "suntanned race" have in their blood the sense of rithm!

I prefer to remember Miriam Makeba as the mother of struggle against Apartheid, born in 1932 ub South Africa and dead yesterday, in Italy, symbolically singing against Mafia and racism.

The song in this video, "Pata pata", is very popular also in Hawai'i islands, at the other side of the world, because a local band made a very popular cover. Sometimes music arrives where other languages have problems to. I wonder if Miriam succeeded in make Berlusconi dance on her songs too!


Rowena said...

I had no idea that she sang the original, or at least early, version of this song. And it is a happy song!

dario said...

It was very popular that song in italy few years ago, because it was the track of a popular icecream... those kind of fake ones ;-)