Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes, we are different! / 2

We are different!
We are not racist!
Free minds against racismo
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The initiative that i told you about in my previous post is spreading out very quickly. Some newspapers are already taking it in consideration (only two, to tell the truth, among which one is a local newspaper and the other is L'Unit&agreve; - a national one - but only at page 35 of yesterday edition, in a tiny tiny article, but it's already a beginning).

I don't know how to compute the number of people that subscribe to this idea, but i have the impression that it is a very big number. Not that i really like to participate to huge numbers, but in this case it's obvious the advantage of joining the voices of a lot of people.

To give an idea i insert here an uncomplete list of the links to the posts of some blogger dedicated to this subject. If i miss somebody i apologize. Please put as a comment the link and i promise i will insert it.

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il Russo said...

Si, noi siamo diversi!